How to send a transaction

Using GUI client:

Step 1. Switch to Transfer page.


Step 2. Choose a From(payer) address. Also you can use Build automatically option, that means the MASS paid may come from any address of current wallet.

Step 3. Type or paste a To(payee) address.

Step 4. Set the paid Amount, up to 8 decimal places.

Step 5. Optionally, set a Fee. No less than the minimum charge(default fee).

Step 6. Click Transfer button, then you’ll be asked for the password. Done.

Using CLI client:

Using CLI to send a transaction is much more complicated.

Step 1. Assume you have chosen(usewallet called) a target wallet.

Step 2. Construct your transaction.

  • On Mac

./masswallet-cli autocreaterawtransaction <outputs> [from=?]


construct tx



  • On Windows

./masswallet-cli.exe autocreaterawtransaction <outputs> [from=?]

Step 3. Sign the transaction created in previous step.

  • On Mac

./masswallet-cli signrawtransaction <hex> <password>


Sign the transaction


Sign the transaction return

  • On Windows:

./masswallet-cli.exe signrawtransaction <hex> <password>

Step 4. Send the signed transaction. Done.

  • On Mac

./masswallet-cli sendrawtransaction <hex>


Send the transaction


Send the transaction return

  • On Windows:

./masswallet-cli.exe sendrawtransaction <hex>