How to create a Mainnet full node miner

Step 1: Download MassNet Miner Full Node for your platform from

  • You will get an executable named massminerd and a JSON file named config.json within an archived file. Currently we provide pre-built miner full node for Windows/Linux/macOS.

  • massminerd (or massminerd.exe) is the executable for miner full node that requires the config file config.json to start up.

Step 2: Move massminerd and config.json into an empty directory:

  • The recommended directory is C:\massminer on Windows, and ~/massminer on Linux/macOS.

  • The following instructions are performed on the recommended directory.

Step 3: Open config.json in a text editor, you will see items like this:

    "app": {
        "pub_password": "public-password"
    "network": {
        "p2p": {
            "seeds": "",
            "listen_address": "tcp://",
        "api": {
            "api_port_grpc": "9685",
            "api_port_http": "9686",
    "log": {
        "log_level": "info",
        "disable_cprint": false
    "miner": {
        "mining_addr": [],
        "generate": false,
        "proof_dir": [],
        "proof_list": "",
        "private_password": "private-password"

Edit config.json following the reference table below.

Name Type Usage Must Modify
app.pub_password string public password to unlock MASS Miner Full Node Yes
network.p2p.seeds string addresses of bootstrap nodes No
network.p2p.listen_address string listening address No
network.api.api_port_grpc string api grpc listening port No
network.api.api_port_http string api http listening port No
log.log_level string log level of "debug", "info", "warn", "error" No
log.disable_cprint bool do not print log to stdout No
miner.private_password string private password to unlock miner keystore Yes

In most cases, you need to edit app.pub_password and miner.private_password in this step.

To learn more about config usages of miner, see How to initialize hard disk space.

Tips: Never forget your pub_password and private_password, or you may lose the controllability to your miner node.